• Ephemeral and complacent beauty

On a trip back in time we find that Zyz is the name that the Phoenicians settlers of Tyre gave to the city of Palermo at the time of its founding in 734 BC. Zyz in Phoenician means " flower" and symbolically refers to the shape of the city from above , cut by two major rivers, the Kemonia and Papireto. The essential element of Eau de Parfume Zyz is a flower, the narcissus, whose sweetness has a mixed herbaceous scent to talc. Ethereal and vain as the protagonist of the greek myth that it represents Narcissus is the flower of ephemeral beauty and vain , fascinates anyone who feels his perfume. Eau de Parfume Zyz is a refined touch of novelty in a line of Zuma fragrances , who intends to increasingly turn the gaze to the future without giving up their traditional values

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