Zagara Zuma

Zagara Zuma


  • The scent of arabic essence between the sky and the sea of sicily

Zahara - Zahr - " Flower that white sparkles " as the Arabs called the Zagara, the typical orange flower whose essence embodies the spirit and soul of Sicily. The scent of Zagara is released into the air during the period between April and May when the orange and lemon trees fill with this delicate flower. Its petals have inflorescences full, pale color that release mild but intense delicate notes.

In 1943 , a blend of aromas and essential oils , never revealed and never changed , was born Zagara Zuma , the first Eau de Cologne which combines the history of our land to that of this famous brand , between tradition and innovation. A unique fragrance that surrounds , fascinates and delights the soul.

Evocative of the vast citrus grove of the Conca d'Oro, the Zagara Zuma opens the curtain to the memories of youth, giving intoxicating caresses. 

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