• Heady scent lying in the sun

The reputation and history of Bergamotto, are to be found in the smell emanating from its essential oil, all Italian peculiarity, present for more than two centuries on the Calabrian coast, still today excellence exported throughout the world. Bergamotto arrives in Reggio Calabria for the Turks hand, they sold a twig of Beg Armudi or " Pear the Lord " to the noble family of “Valentino di Reggio” which they grafted on a sour orange thus beginning the cultivation of this fruit called "Prince of citrus ". The intense yellow color describes the sun of his native land , exotic , perhaps the Caribbean , the bitterness of its pulp tells the hard work in the fields of the Ionian area of ​​Reggio. Bergamotto Zuma, with its freshness and exuberance captivates even the younger skin, releases scented pearls and sparkling that will brighten the atmosphere with harmonious aromatic and lively games.

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