Lemon Cologne

Lemon Cologne


  • Impetuous breeze of sicily

For scholars the lemon origin is a mystery; his ancestors were growing in the undergrowth of the Himalayan forests, between the North East India and Burma.The first sure track of this citrus fruit in the Mediterranean , is demonstrated by its presence in the Arab Andalusian gardens , as a result , probably , of trade relations with India.The Sicilian peculiarity of this fruit is represented by “Verdello” (a special lemon of Sicily), better known as "Summer Lemon. " Its fresh and pungent aroma expands by citrus groves in the countryside reaching every place and every mood. The Lemon Cologne of Zuma, like a treasure chest, preserves in itself the effervescence and the essence of lemon force, evokes scenarios that are lost in time , giving the thrill of a long journey of the senses that from the cold Himalayan forests reaches up to the warm expanses of our Sicily.

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